Sunday School  Mill Creek Christian Church offers three different Sunday school classes on Sunday mornings beginning at 9:15am and ending around 10:15 am.

Adult Sunday School:  Adults of all ages meet for a discussion based class. A wide variety of topics are covered, and all points of view are welcomed and encouraged to share.  The adult Sunday school class is about to begin My God, What Am I Praying?!!: The Lord's Prayer and Jesus' Subversive Dream for the World, five session class on the Lord's Prayer taught by our own Owen Burgess.  Dates and session topics are listed below.  All are welcome!

10/23 Session One – Our Father/Be Who You Are: The Abba and the I Am
10/30 Session Two – God’s Dream for Our World: And Our Place in the Dance
11/6 Session Three – Our Bread for Today: Table, Community, Mission
11/13 Session Four – Forgiveness: Perpetrators, Victims, and Sending Rain
11/20 Session Five – We’re Up! We’re Down! We’re Held Up Through It All!: God’s Dream for                                   the World as We Stare Down the Evil in Us and in Our World

Middle and High School Sunday School:  Youth currently enrolled in the 6th-12th grades meet and have meaningful conversations on one of the scripture lessons from the Revised Common Lectionary.  This means that their Sunday school class usually corresponds with the scripture lesson that is shared and pondered in Sunday morning worship.  Our adult volunteer teachers use the Feasting on the Word curriculum.

Elementary Sunday School:  Our elementary school children all meet together to learn the stories of the Bible and to think about where God is present in the world and in their lives.  We use Group Publishing's All-in-One Sunday School curriculum which includes lessons designed specifically for a multi-aged classroom.

Christian Education at Mill Creek Christian Church seeks to provide spaces and opportunities to study Christian scriptures, Church tradition, and contemporary social issues in order to grow in faith and deepen our understanding of our congregation's mission and vision.